Come and join us for a week of fun and games at Pony Camp. Your children will meet new friends, learn new skills and have a great time in the process! Each child will be provided a horse for the duration of camp, but campers are always welcome to bring their own horses as well.

Day 1

Arrive at 2pm, unpack and meet some new friends or catch up with old friends from last camp. We then play some games and possibly have a swim in the river. After dinner, we might have a game of spotlight or musical chairs, Cobark style!

Day 2

Meet your horse, get your helmet, join in our safety demonstration and start the day. We head out on a group trail ride in the morning to get to know our horses and each other. We then ride up through the rainforests and through the river.

After lunch, we break up into different groups and participate in a range of activities with our horses. These include sporting activities, games, trail riding, cattle mustering, jumping, flatwork and bareback riding. Once we have finished for the afternoon, we untack and brush our horses. While they eat their dinner, we head down to the river for a swim. After dinner, we might bring out the craft box and make some pet rocks or play some horse trivia.

Day 3 and Day 4

After breakfast, we clean the bunkhouses. We then head across the grounds to brush our horses and tack them up for riding.

At this point, we take part in troop drill to wake everyone up and get our horses listening to what we are asking them to do. After morning tea, we split up in our groups and head off for a ride, rotating through a number of different activities.

After a great day of riding, we relax with a swim in the river, enjoy a game of red rover, play some cards and enjoy some reading. We might go for a night walk to see what animals we can spot after dinner and play some Cobark bingo!

Day 5 

Time for our day ride! After breakfast, we head out on our day ride. We might do some cattle mustering in the morning and then stop by the river for a sausage sizzle for lunch. We ride home and play games of tip or stuck in the mud. After dinner, we have a movie or concert night, complete with popcorn!

Day 6

After some sleep and some breakfast, we pack up our gear and clean our bunkhouses. Today we take part in a treasure hunt on horseback, and then, after morning tea, we perform a demonstration for all the families to show how much the young riders have learned. Lastly, we untack and give our horses a big hug. Together, we enjoy a BBQ lunch with our parents and friends before heading home.

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 The cost of pony camp is $450 which includes horse, accommodation and meals for the duration of camp.

CALL 02 6558 5585 FOR MORE INFORMATION or send a message from our website
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